Susan Kolb - Red Pine Pottery & Twigs

345 Wolfe Road

Ortonville, Michigan



I started work in clay in my early 20's and to this day (30 some years later) my vessels continue to be wheel-based with slab extrusions and sculptural additions added. Leaning heavily on being functional (e.g., mugs, bowls, platters, teapots, etc.), my stoneware pottery is designed for use in your home, is safe to eat on, and is bound to add an extra touch of joy to your home. The glazes on the clay pieces burst in color with a vibrancy and magic that is quite spectacular, thanks to a process of high-firing in a gas kiln and then reducing.

Presently my work in clay is seasonal, starting in March and continuing through October. The studio is heated with a wood-burning stove, making it difficult to keep clay pieces warm and dry in our Michigan winters.